Lopez new WBO/NABO Champion

By Dan Hewitt

Lopez new WBO/NABO champion

El Tigre Promotions Terrenos Fight Night July 13th at the Lone Star Convention Centre in Conroe Texas, Alfonso Lopez TKO'd challenger Alex Theran to become the new WBO/NABO champion and defended his NBA World Title and ABO Intercontinental Jaguar Title.

The audience was subdued at the start of the fight as the hometown favourite (Lopez) was caught with some clever shots by Theran early on.

2nd round was Lopez's worst as Theran picked him off with sharp counters. Half way through the round Lopez picked up the pace and shortened the distance between the two fighters but Theran did enough to win the round.

In the 3rd Lopez caught Theran with some solid shots and gained the Columbian challenger's respect. Later in the round Theran was complaining to the referee about a shot landed at the back of his head and responded by landing one back on Lopez in frustration.

Lopez started the 3rd round well and started to use his strength and size to dominate Theran.

Lopez had a fantastic 4th round and dropped Theran with a looping right hand, but he beat the count and his eyes were clear. The most telling shot of the fight was late on in round 4, Lopez landed a well disguised left hook which caught Theran by surprise and floored him. Although Theran survived the round he never recovered, retired on his stool and didn't come out for round 5.

An impressive, intelligent performance from Lopez who looks set to take the World by storm. This fight puts Lopez within the 'Top 15' in the World by the WBO and massive fights look on the horizon for the fan favourite.  The names Kovalev and Yarde were mentioned by the Texan who is desperate to prove himself against the big names in the light heavyweight division. With 25 knockouts in 31 victories this man can go all the way.

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