Kyle Lomotey: Boxing TV Exclusive

Boxing TV catch up with unbeaten prospect Kyle Lomotey

Boxing TV's Dan Hewitt caught up with unbeaten middleweight Kyle Lomotey. Unbeaten in the pro ranks and has been victorious on all 5 occasions. Boxing TV talk to the southpaw contender:


Dan: What got you in to boxing?

Lomotey: I've always been into boxing but the first fighter that I truly followed was Amir Khan just as he won the silver medal at the olympics. Just an exciting local fighter with stupidly fast hands, he was the first fighter who’s career I followed. Quite a few years later I decided to give it a go myself because I was like 15 stone and need lose some weight. Always fancied myself as a bit of a boxer as well, like most men

Dan: Tell us about your amateur background

Lomotey: I won 1 novice national title and Won 2 north west title and another English belt. Did 5 seasons as an amateur finish 36-8

Dan: Explain your style to those who haven't seen you before

Lomotey: My style's like a slippery southpaw but I can fight on the front foot or the back foot. Just trying my best to have a well rounded game.

Dan: You had an eventful fight versus Filatov, tell us abou that

Lomotey: The Filatov fight I went down in the first round, took one on the shoulder or arm as I was off balance and went over. Then I knew I was behind straight away and I hit him with a solid shot and decided to try force the stoppage which didn’t come unfortunately. He was tough tough man!

Dan: What has been the most important thing you have learnt in the pro game so far?

Lomotey: I think the most important thing I’ve learnt in the pro game is you can never learn enough. You need to be on you’re game all the time constantly improving. You need to be constantly promoting yourself also. you see what you’re family and friends do for you. Following you, supporting you, it’s crazy the support I get from my family and friends just wanting me to do well. Always spreading the word and trying to drag people to my fights which means the world.

Dan: Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

Lomotey: In 3 years time I see myself not working on a building site. Being able to provide for my family by doing something I love.

Dan: Tell us about your diet

Lomotey: My diet consists of lots of eggs, chicken and coffee
I don’t know how I’d get thought my day without a Costa. Properly affecting my bank balance as well

Dan: How far can you go?

Lomotey: The aim's the British, when I get a British I'll be a happy man! Then we’ll go from there. 


Thanks for speaking with us Kyle and good luck in your career

Watch Kyle Lomotey in action below