Ultimate Boxxer 3 Preview

Boxing TV's Dan Hewitt caught up with the fighters ahead of Ultimate Boxxer 3

Tomorrow at the Indigo at The O2 in London, the third installment of Ultimate Boxxer takes place, this time featuring the exciting middleweight division. The combined record of the eight contestants tallies up to an impressive 69-3-2, with two Southern Area champions included and five unbeaten prospects. Boxing TV's Dan Hewitt caught up with the fighters ahead of their challenge.

Derrick Osaze (6-0)

Dan: How is training going?

Osaze: It has gone good, the hard work has been worth it. I'm feeling confident.

Dan: How confident are you to take the trophy home?

Osaze: That confident that I wouldn't have entered if I didn't think I was going to win it. I'm here to take over not take part.

Dan: Is your style suitable for the competition?

Osaze: Yes it is, I'm very adaptable. 3x3 rounds are perfect for me whether I fight or box I can adapt to anything.

Dan: Who is your biggest threat in the competition?

Osaze: Myself

Kaan Hawes  (4-0-1)

Dan: How is preparation going? 

Hawes: Yeah all good training hard u no how it is fight coming around fast now

Dan: Who is your one to watch? Apart from yourself of course

Hawes: No one, they are all good fighters with good records but it’s what happens on the night that counts.

Dan: What gives you the edge in this competition?

Hawes: My hunger and desire to win.

Sean Phillips  (5-0-1)

Dan: What have you done differently in this camp? 

Phillips: Just changed the training more intense. Shorter rounds and splitting them up to three, three minute rounds.

Dan: How do the 3X3 min rounds suit you?

Phillips: They suit me perfectly. My aggressive style is perfect. As long as I come out firing I'll be fine.  

Dan: Who is your biggest threat?

Phillips: I don't know. I haven't looked at the other fighters. Im confident in my ability and I'll just need to do what I do best.

Joe Hurn (10-0-1)

Dan: How is preparation going?

Hurn: Yeah preparation is and has gone really well for the tournament thanks. I’m fit and strong and ready for war.

Dan: What do you have that the others don't?

Hurn: I have a no nonsense style that I believe is different from the other fighters.

Dan: Apart from yourself who is your strongest competition in ultimate boxxer?

Hurn: All the competition in this tournament is very strong and no one should be underestimated   

Josh Groombridge (7-1)

Dan: How did you feel when you heard the news you would be fighting in Ultimate Boxxer? Groombridge: I’m my absolute element mate and I wanted to fight on the biggest stage and ultimate boxxer provides this.

Dan: You are known as a bit of a banger! How will this help you in this competition?

Groombridge: I think it helps in all fights to have a deterrent to let lads walk forward at will so it tops the odds with a punchers chance.

Dan: Who do you believe is the one to watch in this tournament?

Groombridge: Other than myself I really like the way Derrick Osaze boxes.

Tey Lynn-Jones (11-1) 

Dan: How are you feeling ahead of Ultimate Boxxer?

Lynn-Jones: Yeah feeling great thanks! Ready to put all these months of sacrifice and hard work on show on a great platform with the tv. I believe it’s my time to shine! To come from this the winner to lead me to bigger scales. 

Dan: Who is your biggest threat in the competition?

Lynn-Jones: My biggest threat I believe is myself, get through myself and Derrick Osaze then I believe it is plain sailing to get to that robe.

The card will also showcase Grant Dennis (12-1) and Kieron Conway (9-0). Thanks for speaking with us lads and good luck to all of you! 


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